private yoga
& sound healing

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Life can be overwhelming while balancing a career, health, and relationships. Self care shouldn’t be an added stress — it should be in place to effectively manage the stress. When life is happening fast, it’s more important than ever to slow down and come back to center.

I will bring the relaxation and self-care to you with in-home private yoga. Personalized to your health needs and desires, the private session brings movement and rest for the busy woman who seeks balance. Serving the following communities: Key Biscayne, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables,  Downtown Miami, Midtown

Emily Basford

A private yoga instructor & sound healer with the vision of empowering soul-full leaders to live vibrantly. I create space for YOU to feel grounded, centered, and relaxed.


Yoga Style

Yoga is more than stretching and strengthening your muscles. It is a practice of self-care to help bring balance and alignment to your body and mind. A private yoga session is tailored to your needs for stretching, strengthening, stabilizing the body, as well as centering your mind and spirit.

Our sessions are trailored to your request and draw influence from the following styles: -Vinyasa -Restorative -Adaptive/Chair

How does this work?

First, we’ll consult on the phone to go over your physical, mental, and overall health goals. This will help you understand if it’s the right fit. We’ll assess your needs and explore what you’re looking for in a yoga practice, then put together a personalized plan to your body and your life. From there, we’ll have our first introductory session in the comfort of your own home, elvaulating your progress and plan on a regular basis.

Packages & Pricing

Investing in self-care is an empowering process! Sessions are offered in packages to provide support during this transformative journey.

Prices are comparable to private psychotherapy rates. Quotes available over the phone.