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Why SolFreshLife?

SolFreshLife was developed with you in mind to provide quality instruction, guidance and tools to unlock the key to your full potential. Founder and lead facilitator, Emily Basford, has designed a true blend of lifestyle wellness to help you transition between work, home and personal achievement. The SolFreshLife concept was energized under the vibrant skies of Miami, FL to shape a diverse culture of health and well-being. We are a growing company with a clear vision to leave a healthy handprint in three important areas of living: health, fitness, and balance.

About Emily

~ private yoga teacher, sound healer, and speaker in Miami, Florida ~

Emily’s passion for wellness began at a young age. She has been practicing yoga and clean eating for more than ten years. Trained in Economics and Business, Emily spent four years in the corporate environment working in revenue management before transitioning full-time into the wellness industry in 2017. As a private yoga instructor and wellness speaker, her current vision is to provide empowerment and life balance skills to business leaders who experience excess stress in their daily lives.

Emily has served two years as a professional health coach and fitness instructor for professionals seeking weight loss, improved energy, or stress reduction. She brings wellness in the workplace for large international companies as well as local small businesses to boost team member productivity. Employees return to work feeling refreshed, focused, and more confident about channeling stress into results.

Emily studied at the University of Florida and received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in French studies. She also completed a Master’s program in International Business. She is certified in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as Yoga & Ayurveda from the Association of Yoga & Meditation.

Corporate Programs

Bringing wellness education into the workplace impacts employee happiness, health, and productivity. Sample session topics listed below.

Contact me directly for inquiries about the Corporate Programs: emily@solfreshlife.com

-Stress management


-Meditation & Mindfulness


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